P/R-Media Kit


I am very PR Friendly, If you’re interested in placing a 125×125 banner on my blog, I would be happy to swap with you and keep it up for as long as you keep mine posted on your blog.  If you do not post mine on your blog, please contact me via the form below to request a quote. I reserve the right to refuse any advertisement I deem inappropriate.

Paid Insertions:

If you would like to pay me (or make some other type of trade) for a blog post containing links to your website, please contact me with any ideas and pertinent information and to request a quote.  Prices usually range from $35 to $50.

My current stats are as follows:
(As of 6/30/16)

Page views (all time history – about 48 active months) – 1,689,453
Twitter followers- 23,500+
Facebook Fans – 30,000+
Networked Blog Followers – 4,107
Google+ – 2,072
Linky Followers – 1,257
Pinterest – 1,866 (still learning to use my board better)
Google Friend Connect – 1,276
(for those who can still follow via this)

If you are interested in the above, have other opportunities you want to discuss or have other questions, please fill out the form below.