Coups for Troops


A lot of people don’t know this but overseas military members can use expired coupons for up to six months past expiration! 

Being an Army Vet myself, I have decided to try and help those overseas.  I am taking donations to help pay for the cost of shipping coupons to our troops.  I have collected a list of bases in Japan, Germany, Guam, Italy, Netherlands – to name a few.  I plan on rotating from this list on who I send coupons too.  The money to pay for this will come from the donations I collect.  I will be sending my expired coupons along with others that are sent to me.

Join our facebook group if you are military in need of coupons OR are able to help out.

If you are interested in donating to help pay for coupons and postage, click the button.


If you are interested in contributing coupons, please read below.

Eligible Coupons:

  • Make sure and send only Manufacturer Coupons, not store specific or internet printed coupons.  Food coupons are preferred the most, while baby coupons are second (diapers, wipes, formula etc.).
  • Make sure the coupons you are sending are not more than 30-60 days past the expiration. (closer to 30 if possible especially if you will be sending them parcel post).
  • You will need to clip the coupons and separate them into 2 different categories: Food and Non-Food items.

Dog & cat food would be “Non-Food” because these cannot be consumed by humans. Something like Vitamins would be considered non-food as well because you would not eat these.  Things like candy, mints, gum, etc would be considered food. Just ask yourself, would you eat these?  

Label your coupons, I use a sandwich bag to separate the coupons and label them food and non food.

Avoid using rubber bands or paper clips.

To mail the coupons:  Email me and I will give you the mailing address.  Put Coups for Troops in your email Subject line.