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How to Keep Your Budget Intact

This helpful post was emailed to me.  It has some great money saving tips.


In the current state of the economy, any chance you have to get money back needs to be taken. With gas, dairy, and other

necessary household items’ prices increasing and the pay of millions of Americans staying the same, it’s hard to keep your head

above water. The only way to keep your family safe and protected is to keep food on the table and money in your wallets.

Different people have different philosophies on how to keep extra money from going to items that aren’t needed in their

household and some people just don’t want to give up the fun things in their life. When money is tight, you need to essentially

take one for the team and cut out those high-prices lattes and replace them with home-brewed coffee in a 12-cup pot.

There are countless ways to save money today and while some may require a little research, it will be worth it when you look at

your financials at the end of the month.


Rebates are defined as pay back (such a sum of money). These can be found in smaller items like butter or even in larger items

like televisions or cable providers. Whether your family is looking for something to put on bread or something to watch their

favorite show on, rebates can make these purchases easier to deal with. Some people don’t like mail-in rebates because you

need to fill out a form, mail your receipt, and wait for your check to come. In reality, this process takes a maximum of five minutes

on your end and then three to four weeks on their end. It’s free money for you to get the product you would have gotten anyway.


It isn’t like the old days anymore when the only coupons you’d get would be in the Sunday newspaper. You can print out online

coupons from websites like SendEarnings, InboxDollars, MyPoints, or SmartSource that are accepted at most stores. These

coupons can be for anything from shampoo to vitamins to yogurt to movies. They are available for free or charge and only

require the installation of a small file on your computer that allows you to print them at home. Depending on the website, some

will offer you cash back incentives for printing and using coupons printed there.


Join any rewards program you can. It can be a grocery store, electronics shop, or even an airline. If they want to give you gifts

just for spending the money you would have spent there anyway, you should take them up on the offer. Best Buy offers their

Reward Zone membership for free and they reward you with money to be used at their store. The Stop & Shop grocery store

chain allows you to get money off gas at their gas station or at a participating Shell station. The more you shop, you more you


There are countless programs and offers available free of charge to you that will help you keep extra money in your pocket. All

you need to do is be smart about your purchases. Even if you are only visiting a city for a week and need to go to the grocery

store, join their free frequent shopper program to save money off your bill.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post…I agree with the above but did not write the post.

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