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About Me

My name is Kim.

I love couponing and helping others save anyway I can in todays economy. I do not support Extreme Couponing. I feel as though it hurts all of us. But I do believe we should all be able to have a reasonable stockpile so that we can live a frugal lifestyle. For me, buying 10 to 20 of an item is reasonable….100+ is not. I won’t knowingly sell to someone who is an Extreme Couponer for the purpose of “hoarding”. 

I am always open to honest, positive commincation and ideas.  I am always looking for ways to improve  make it user friendly for those who visit.

My main goals for this site is to offer Whole Inserts, the latest Printable coupons, Deal Matchups and Giveaways.  I will also post deals and other money saving tips as I find them and have the time.   I also network with many bloggers and have blogger opportunities and resources posted.

I am an accounting office manager who does this on the side. If I make an error with an order, I try to make it right.

I am a mother of 4 grown children who still look to me for help. I help out my parents who are retired and a few other families with young children.

I am a 49 year old and an Army Vet. I have 4 wonderful children ages 24 to 29. Some of my other interests are Movies, Music, Dancing, Motorcycle Riding (although I dont get to do that much these days), Billiards, Paranormal and Travelling. I am also Very Patiently waiting and looking forward to being a Grandma some day. Nothing is more precious to me than my family and will be proud to watch it grow.

Thanks for Visiting and I look forward to a long relationship with the frugal minded folks out there.



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