7/12 Weekly Back to School Deals – Discount Stores

Back To School

Dollar Tree Back to School

Jot 70-Sheet Neon Poly Cover Composition Notebooks $1.00

100-Sheet Trendy Compostion Notebooks- $1.00

100-Sheet Couture Fashion Composition Notebooks $1.00

Jot 2-ct packs of 3-Prong Twin Pocket Paper Profolios $1.00

Jot 100-Sheet Classic Black & White Composition Notebooks $1.00

Jot 3-ct packs of twin-pocket paper portfolio $1.00

Jot 2016-2017 Weekly Student Planner with Vinyl Covers $1.00

2016-2017 Sprial Bound Fashion Student Planners $1.00

2016-2017 Student Fashion Monthly Planners $1.00

Jot 70-Sheet Couture Fashion Spiral Notebooks $1.00

Jot 80-Sheet Hardcover Spiral Notebooks 5×7- $1.00

Jot 100-Sheet Spiral Notebooks with Neon Plastic Covers $1.00

Jot Single Supject Wide Ruled Spiral Notebooks $1.00

Jot 3 Ring 1″ Binders with Flexible Poly Covers $1.00

Jot Brightly Colored 3-Ring 1″ Binders with Flexible Poly Covers $1.00

150-Sheet Packs of Lined Filler Paper $1.00

Jot Mesh Zippered Binder Supply Pouches $1.00

Jot 2-ct packs of 3-Hole Poly Envelopes $1.00

8-Digit Plastic Pocket Calculators $1.00

2016-2017 Student Fasion Binder Calenders $1.00

Jot 3 Ring 1″ Vinyl Binders $1.00

Jot 8-ct Packs of Colorful Plastic Index Dividers with Inserts $1.00

Jot 10-Digital Scientific Calculators $1.00

Inc ClipClic 8-ct Packs Ballpoint pens $1.00

3-ct packs of Soft Grip Ink Pens with Brightly Colored Ink $1.00

Papermater 2-ct packs of Ink Joy Black Retractable Ballpoint pens $1.00

10-ct packs of Liqui-mark colored pencils $1.00

PaperMate 4-ct packs of mechanical pencils $1.00

16-ct packs of jot Yellow #2 Wooden Pencils $1.00

Jot 10-ct Packs of White Ballpoint Stick Pens $1.00

Jot 4-ct packs of Stacked Ink Gel Pens $1.00

ProMarx 6-ct packs of fashion stick pens in assorted colors $1.00

Promarx 60-ct packs of 0.7 mm pencil lead refills $1.00

Geddes 2-ct packs of plastic piranha pencil sharpeners $1.00

40-ct packs of Jot Bright Pencil Topper Erasers $1.00

Sharpie Fine Point Black Permanent Markers $1.00

Jot 4-ct packs of Dry Erase Markers $1.00

Jot Dry Erase Boards with Eraser-Topped Markers $1.00

Jot 6×8 Frameless Black Chalkboards $1.00

Promarx 4-ct packs of Glowline Highlighter markers $1.00

Jot 3-ct packs of translucent plastic rulers $1.00

Jot Metal Binder Clips $1.00

Jot 20-ct packs of fineline washable markers $1.00

Jot 120-ct packs of clear push pins $1.00

Jot 80-ct packs of multicolor large plastic coated paper clips $1.00

48-ct boxes of Crayons with Built In Sharpener $1.00

12-ct packs of Jumbo Crayons $1.00

Jot 2-ct packs of 5″ Children’s Blunt-Tip Scissors $1.00

Jot 4-ct packs of .32 oz Glue Sticks $1.00

Teaching Tree Assorted Math Flash Cards $1.00

32-Page Kindergarten & First Grade Educational Workbooks $1.00

Homework Helper 64-Page Educational Workbooks $1.00

Crayola Basic Skills Activity Workbooks $1.00

Dollar General Back To School

Crayola Crayons 24 ct, Elmers School Glue 4 oz, or Bic Round stic pens 10 ct $0.50

1 Subject Notebook 70 ct 3/$1

Binder 1 in, Elmer Glue Sticks 3 pk or Spiral Notebook 3 Subj $1

2 Pocket Porfolio with Prongs 6/$1

iMagine Crayons 24ct 3/$1

Elmer’s Mini School Glue Stick 1 ct or Mini School Glue Bottle 1 ct 3/$1

Composition Book 100 ct or iMagine Cap Erasers or Pink Erasers $0.50

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point 1 ct or Paper Mate InkJoy Pens 2 ct, Minis 3 ct or WriteBros Pencils 4 ct $0.50

DG Office Index Dividers Poly or Paper 5 ct $0.50

Filler Paper 125 ct $0.75

DG Office Multipurpose Paper 200 ct $2.50

Bendon Adult Coloring Book $3

DG Office View Binder 1 inch $2

View Binder 1.5 in $2.75

iMagine Glue Sticks 3 ct, Large Glue Stick 1 ct or School Glue 4 to 5 oz $0.25

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